Updates for Your Purchase from M4Magpie

I heard the email come in,
a little chime that gave me
that sinkin’ feelin.’ I looked
at the screen. It looked at me.
And the email sat in bold.

Unread. Received 1 minute ago.
The subject read ‘Updates,
for your purchase from M4Magpie.’


My eyes skimmed down, searching
for good news. But my gut
was telling me, I was gonna lose.

The words ‘Out of Stock’ stung
my heart like a wasp. My money
would be returned to me,
to make up for my loss.

I looked away and it went off again.
Cheeping like a chick: “don’t turn away,
look at me! Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!”

Samantha J. Kennedy at gmail dot com
was sitting there.
I couldn’t bring myself to open it,
I didn’t dare.
The noise , oh the emails! All
flooding in.

Her gift wasn’t sorted and her evil
woman senses knew.
So she dropped emails
like missiles.
Every 20 seconds.

Tomorrow I would see her,
Not even roses as a gift.

“But it’s Valentine’s, you stupid prick”
I could almost hear it now.

Maybe I could say to her, “You snotty,
ungrateful, bitch.” I could walk out right there
and then
“Oh! Look who’s sorry now!”

She would weep into my arms and bring
me kisses and home-cooked food.

But the thing is, I know, she wouldn’t care
or cry. In fact, she’d find another guy.
Be married by July!

That’s when I heard another noise. A distant little ping.
It was an e-mail from her saying
“Jude, it’s over, forget it.”

I didn’t need to open the other 54.
I knew exactly what had happened and
my heart sank to my feet.

But then just as I was about
to throw myself out the 6th floor
I stopped and I smiled.

Samantha J. Kennedy is no more.

She’s not my problematic girl
who needs me everyday.
I don’t need to explain myself
when I detour on my way
home. It was like a weights been lifted.
Like God was on my side.

“Oh and on the day before Valetine’s”
my mother tried to sympathize.
All I could think was how it saved
me fifty dollars on M4Magpie.


The title for this poem was given to me in an exercise in class – I know the poem is sketchy but it’s nice to just write sometimes. So I thought I’d share a few of the exercises with you and you could do them if you fancied it.

1. The title is ‘Updates for Your Purchase from M4Magpie’ – what is the poem

2. Your horoscope is: ‘Company from Out of Town could spell trouble’ – write about it

3. Write about a noise that just won’t stop!!!!








Recently I haven’t blogged much – which is terrible of me, I know, I know. But, I can tell you for why!

I am 20 years old and studying writing and film studies in Cambridge at University. And it is safe to say, that the last year has been the hardest year of my life.

I have done some things that I am proud of. Others, I am completely ashamed of. I have been reading more than ever, but writing has been tough. A lot of people have moved out of my life forever and I thought they were here to stay. I’ve been occupying myself with some very strange things – American Football, Zumba, Weddings.

Yes, weddings.

That’s right, I’ve been trying to get into Events Management. And one way I have of getting into this career is organizing weddings!

Now I probably look like some sort of bunny boiler, desperate cat lady. But the truth is, the reason I love weddings so much is because I am in love, with falling in love. And what could be better than helping someone celebrate their love.

http://www.pinterest.com/mherdson/ – this is my Pinterest Link – it currently has 1 wedding idea and 2 fashion features and not many followers. If you have pinterest please follow me, it’ll mean an awful lot.

More writing to come soon, I promise. I just need to find something to inspire me…

Saying Sorry

I’m saying sorry now,
I’m saying sorry last.
I’m sorry for almost everything,
but mainly for the past.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you
and I’m sorry for not admitting.
I know that I was wrong,
wrong  for just  not quitting.

I feel bad I made you apologize.
I feel bad I made you cry.
I’m sorry I acted oblivious
and sorry for not standing by.
I’m saying sorry for my mistakes
I’m saying sorry for being proud
I can’t stop feeling sorry,
when I always let you down

but the biggest thing I’m sorry for,
because I know how much you hate it,
Is saying sorry twelve times already
but I’m afraid you’ll  just have to take it.

In The Meantime.

In the meantime.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy,
Life isn’t supposed to be free,
Life will be a struggle sometimes,
But in the meantime think of me.

Life isn’t always fun or nice,
Life isn’t how it’s supposed to be,
Life can be unfair to you,
but in the meantime think of me.

Life isn’t full of good things,
Life doesn’t come easily,
Life will turn your stomach round,
But in the meantime think of me.

Life can be harsh and cruel,
Life cannot wait and see,
Life will make you feel lost,
But in the meantime think of me.
And promise me, that you will love me.

Tissue Song

A love song on a napkin,

to show my love for you.

A romantic age old gesture

that will see the bad time through.

A scrunched up little tissue,

to wipe your teary eyes,

if ever things get bad again

remember this nice surprise!


If i could write 100 tissue songs

to prove my love to you tonight

I’d get a pen and a box of tissues

and a 100 love songs i would write.


I forgot to mention one more thing…

I have 20 minutes to write something, before I continue to tidy up the world’s most cluttered bedroom.

I want things that are larger than life. I want to be remembered, I want my dreams to come true and most importantly I don’t want to forget anything!

Every moment that happens is magical. Whether you want to believe it or not. Moments are something you can’t get back, nor can you predict.
In the laws of Physics a Moment  is the tendency of a force to twist or rotate an object.

You see… I think that these ‘moments’… these tiny little pieces of our lives  all add together and twist and turn our life into a tiny, insignificant, yet beautiful story that no-one else will ever experience quite the same again.
Everything about a moment is different. The way you feel will be different to the way anyone else feels.

you are you and theres nothing you can do about it

Someone once told me I was too… ambitious. That my dreams would never come true… to settle and become a journalist, or something boring. But I stand my ground! I want to be a writer. A writer so famous that in hundreds of years to come teenagers “like” my quotes on Facebook.

Who Knows?

Stress gets us down. Gets us down and unbelieving. Gets us feeling like nobody loves us.
Well I love you.


I’ve been stressed, so stressed I think I’ve achieved things others cannot possibly dream of doing.

I… spontaneously … Combusted.

Megan’s Take On Life

I hate to be blunt, but I’m preparing you for the truth. Reality.

Life SUCKS. You’ve heard it said before.

People lie.

People hurt you.

and People are dumb.

You’re selfish
You’re desperate

And you will never understand as much as you wish you could

Love is like Santa – it doesn’t exist.

Your bestfriend will always find someone else

and your boyfriend? I don’t think you want to know what your boyfriend will do.

life sucks

it doesn’t get any better than that.

The stranger in the road is a better friend to you,
than the years of singing children who saw you through.

The stranger standing in the bar that will smile
every now and then,  will be the one to take your heart.

Painful cries.
From solid lies.

The doctor has his coat on and is storming down the road,
his wife is painfully weeping, carrying his load.

He doesn’t come back, he promised so much more.
She’s thinking ‘I’m alone now,’ as she screams upon the floor

The stranger standing in the bar that  had made her smile
every now and then,  was the one to take her heart.

Painful cries.
from solid lies.