Regretting Another Anniversary

Sometimes things slip away. Weeks, months, nay, years go by and you can’t believe how long something has been.

Sometimes anniversaries sneak up on us. Am I right? Have you ever missed your wedding anniversary?  

But wait, I’m not talking about a traditional relationship anniversary, but in another way I am referring to a kind of relationship. A virtual relationship. Our relationship. The relationship between blogger and reader, social media guru and fellow like minded folk, writers and writers.

Running a blog, like anything in writing and the media, requires constant work. You cannot write a novel if you ignore the previous chapters for 7 months. You can’t perform poetry if you don’t keep reading it and practicing it on your own in the front room. You won’t grow a social media following if you don’t update regularly. 

My point is, and I am beating about the bush a bit today (can you tell I’m out of practice?) that my blog has been left for basically two years. Reason being: an internship. And an MA. Excuses, excuses… I’m sorry.

Understandably, careers and Master’s degrees do have a habit of taking over one’s life. But I am now free. And I am ready to do this for fun again!!! 

I don’t plan for many of my future posts to be stream of consciousness like this one is today. But I do want to update it regularly with my writing, my tips and advice and some silly bits along the way. 

Stay tuned, please don’t let me forget to check in from time to time



Flash Fiction Project: Tube Flash with Joanna Sterling

As I begin my MA in Creative Writing I am going to try harder than ever to read and write something everyday for the term. I cannot promise that all of these pieces will make it onto my blog but I can certainly try. For this week I am focusing on Flash Fiction mainly because I suppose you could say it is my most recent success.

I won a spot in a Flash Fiction project called Tube Flash:

The creator’s name is Joanna Sterling, a kind, creative and eccentric character. The idea was to merge the map of the London Underground with her beautiful collection of brooches. Sounds mad, perhaps it is! But I loved the idea that when you decided to make a submission you could either pick a brooch, or your Tube station (depending what grabs you most) and then make a story based on either/or. I was attracted to a gorgeous brooch with just the head of a rooster. I was born in 1993, which according to the Chinese New Year meant I was born in the year of the rooster. I felt it fitted well. The station my brooch was paired to was Cockfosters, even more fitting I thought!


Laughing, I told myself “Without a doubt my story is going to have to be linked to chickens in some way.” And having started a dissertation in Fairy Tales and Myths, it seemed only right that I find something to revamp! The Greek tale of the Cockatrice became my inspiration.

By the end I wouldn’t have minded if Joanna picked me for her project or not. She had given me two related stimulus and I had been inspired to write. But as it went, I won a spot on her map after all!

So for todays piece, I want to share with you my take on the legend of the Cockatrice. To view it, please go to Joanna’s website and click on Cockfosters: the most Northern stop on the Piccadilly Line.

Tune in tomorrow for more Flash Fiction.