About Meg

Meg Ash

Meg Ash is not my real name for starters. It was inspired by my Dad. Back in the 60s my Dad, Ivor, was part of the phenomenon that was Pirate Radio. Obviously, he had a radio name like every other DJ. His name was: Mark Ashton.
When I got myself involved with Radio they nicknamed me Ashton Junior. Combined with the fact my mother’s maiden name was Ash and had been a nickname with a friend back in Secondary school… well, before I knew it Meg Ash was born.

Or for the dirtier readers who seem to read my URL with a different spin as “me gash,” all I can say to you people is that I am disappointed and don’t really want to be associated with you scumbags. 😉

Who am I?

I’m not famous, (yet), I’m not really clever or  rolling in it.
..but I wouldn’t mind being all those things.
MY Plans for the future – I still haven’t decided & annoyingly enough time is running out. I study Writing & Film Studies at Anglia Ruskin University and enjoy it a lot. Hopefully, one day I’ll be a script writer or a novelist (perhaps both). We shall see.
My ideas now: carry on with my writing & poetry. This blog is where it all starts, I hope.

Moving on….
Meg Ash isn’t the only feature in my little box of Magic Tricks. So is 5 of Hearts. I also have a lot of Poetry for you to browse through as that is my first true love. Please feel free to take your time and really discover my blog.

for more information on the above visit the tabs on the top of my home page.

thats all for now folks.

peace, Meg Ash


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