Megan’s Awesome List of Awesome Films: Countdown (20-11)

A-ha! Hello World.

Once again I’m apologising for the delay … This time the blame is resting partly on the fact I tried to upgrade myself to blogging on an iPad (to be cool and hip), mistake being its far more complicated so I gave up. I’m now back in Kent and with my trusty Dell and blogging is once again an option!

So now I am back to talking about my favourite films, shall we let the list continue??

Number 20:

A Colour Box
Directed by: Len Lye


The reason this little 3 minute film that resides on makes my list today is because of the innovative idea Len Lye had when he made the film. The technique he used was to strip off the film and then paint over it. This is the product. It makes me feel happy inside and the music is so jazzy and spirited. It was originally used as an advert for the Royal Post Office I think, but I just like to watch it to cheer me up. You can see where animation and Disney got inspiration from.

Number 19:

Brief Encounter
Directed by: David Lean

This was one of the first black and white films I ever saw and it made me realise that despite it being incredibly old fashioned and horribly horribly posh *said in the old upper class “proper” British accent* I found it absolutely brilliant. The storyline was unexpected and it proved to me that not all old fashioned films had to be “boring” as I had previously expected in my naive teenager mind. This is, and always will be, my favourite film in the Romance genre of all time.

Number 18:

Don’t Look Now
Directed by: Nicolas Roeg

If you haven’t watched this film yet, then I warn you now you will watch it, you will enjoy it, you will be thoroughly gripped by it and by the end you will be completely confused by it. Those who have watched it … WHAAAAAAAT!!!

The plot is twisted and confusing and no matter how many times you watch it you will never know exactly what is going on by the end. The film will get you on the edge of your seat, pull you in and is completely brilliant! Yes, the end is abstract and the whole film is riddled with metaphors and symbols – for a film student this film is a gold mine!

If my overall love and excitement for such an interesting film still isn’t enough to tempt you into watching it, then perhaps the fact that ‘Don’t Look Now’ contains one of the most deeply controversial and graphic sex scenes in film history might inspire you to have a watch. Although personally, watching Donald Sutherland make love isn’t my idea of “sexy” .. it might be yours!

Number 17:

Jurassic Park
Directed by: Steven Spielberg

As a film gal I always assign the people I know a film that is “theirs”, based on the year they were born and a film that was released during that year.. This is my film. Jurassic Park will always be my favourite Spielberg film. I don’t care if it looks outdated. It is still such a success. Every time I watch it I am just as much on the edge of my seat as I was as a child. The dinosaurs may sway me a little, because they’re “my favourite animal” – despite constant arguments that they no longer exist I think I am still allowed to call them my favourite. Spielberg truly is a master when it comes to films like this and Jaws (which I think deserves joint 17th place). Not only are these huge blockbuster films but they are created by the best man for the job. This is the ultimate childhood film, and it’s MY film (and anyone else who is born in 1993 congratulations you are the lucky winner/s).

Number 16:

Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock

At this point I expect you all to have Herrmann’s score shrieking through your brains. Hitchcock’s most famous and iconic moments in film history. It is made up for a ridiculous number of shots from a ridiculous number of angles. The film was put in Black & White (despite colour film being available) and apparently chocolate syrup made a more life like looking blood than actual fake blood in this scene. Hitchcock truly knew his stuff and was simply a magnificent film genius. I can only hope & pray that in hundreds of years from now, this film is still as widely known and still considered one of the best horror films of all time.

Number 15:

Cleo from 5 to 7
Directed by: Agnes Varda

I like a film with a good, old fashioned bleak ending. This feminist film from France (that was a lot of ‘F’s) follows (another one!)one woman over a few hours as she waits for the results of a doctor examination. Constantly living in fear of the fact she may well be dying she takes a trip around the idealistic Paris. Agnes Varda does a brilliant job in portraying a woman’s dread as she comes to face the fact she is doomed. I’d suggest a watch, even if you only watch a bit on ! With such a variety of films available to us in this modern day there really is no excuse why we shouldn’t be making the most of them.

p.s. sorry for all the ‘F’s

Number 14:

Sunset Boulevard
Directed by: Billy Wilder

Sunset Boulevard was the first American Film Noir I ever watched and this spurred me on to watch many more (especially of Billy Wilder’s work). The thing I found most interesting is the way it starts. A film Noir told from the perspective of a dead body floating in the water! This is an excellent Hollywood story and for me there are many parallels to the amazing novel on the american dream by Fitzgerald  – The Great Gatsby. Both of these are well worth a looking into if you haven’t already and are truly fantastic pieces of drama!

Number 13:

The Third Man
Directed by: Carol Reed

This film makes me feel clever. There is so much symbolism here as it is yet another classic Film Noir. Although I must own up and say I would like to watch it again as I’ve only watched it as a youngster and I am forgetting it the more I try to remember my favourite parts. All I can say is the music is amazing! Please have a watch.

Number 12:

Pulp Fiction
Directed by: Quentin Tarantino


I don’t think I need to explain my love for this film. It’s amazing. End of. And the Soundtrack is brilliant. GURRRL … YOU’ll be a womaaan sooooon!

Number 11:

London to Brighton
Directed by: Paul Andrew Williams


An amazing independent British film about two women on the straight that get wrapped up in a vicious cycle of crime and end up in a lot more trouble than ever anticipated. Such a good film.


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