Megan’s list of awesome films: COUNTDOWN (41-50)

The cinematic world is one that is both inspirational and awe-inspiring. Films are, much like books, one of those things I wish I could experience all of. However, other than the same old ones that come out repeatedly at the Cinema how are we supposed to know which are the good ones and which we can afford to skip out in our short lives?  Well, I suppose one way is word-of-mouth. If I tell you my favourite films, perhaps you’ll be inspired to go and take a look at a few yourself. These first 10 films (the bottom of my top 50) are all films that have influenced my own film making, writing and on a simpler level, just my lifestyle.

I urge you, as much as I can through the simplistic world that is blogging, to take a look at them. They’re so different and magical all in their own way. Some of them you won’t have heard of, but then I can’t help but think …. what is the point of all these wonderful people making such interesting films when nobody is going to know about them or be encouraged to watch them.

Well… I hope something catches your eye! Enjoy the films! Starting at number 50 on Megan’s list of awesome films.

Number 50:
Mary Poppins

Directed by: Robert Stevenson


Perhaps this is more for nostalgic reasons, but there is something beautifully magical about this film. The colours are simply glorious and the imagination that Stevenson must have had to produce such a visually pleasing masterpiece is astounding. As an adult I am grateful to him for bringing such a lovely story to life in the most beautiful way possible. I will never forget the lyrics to ‘Let’s go fly a Kite’ and will forever wish that the horses on a carousel could come alive.

Number 49:
Directed by: Paul Feig
Let’s take a dramatic leap into the future now for one of the biggest comedies of last year. Supposedly as good as the epic ‘Hangover,’ Bridesmaids had a lot to live up to, and you know what? I think it did. It had a touching storyline with enough backstory to bring the characters to life. It isn’t just a chick-flick I promise you that. It’s amusing and it gives me hope that comedy isn’t a man’s genre. Women don’t just belong in the kitchen; we can rock the comedy just as good as the next man.

Number 48:
The Shining

Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
Truly horrifying. If you haven’t watched this film – then do. If you like Jack Nicholson, you have let him down by not seeing this. In fact, if you like Jack Nicholson and haven’t yet seen this film, you don’t like Jack Nicholson. I assure you that this film is one of the most iconic horrors of all time and Kubrick was definitely the man to do it. He didn’t hold back on the creepy-factor.

Number 47:
The Parole Officer
Directed by: John Duigan
Back to the comedy genre again. I fear that right now you’re thinking ‘this girl does not know good films.’ I assure you it gets better…I hope. This is the bottom of my top 50 do remember that. But The Parole Officer is definitely my favourite, modern British comedy and resorted my faith in the British comedians of today. Steve Coogan – what a babe.

Number 46:
Back to the Future
Directed by: Robert Zemeckis
The ultimate film! Is it a sci-fi? Is it a comedy? Is it a musical? It’s all these things and so much more! Such an imaginative film that blows the mind of the audience. This is one of those films that I hope will be entertaining the family for generations to come. This film should never be forgotten. The characters are entertaining and beautifully created. I feel like they’re part of my family, my crazy Uncle Doc. and my annoying little brother Marty McFly.

Number 45:
True Grit

Directed by: The Coen Brothers
Just as I thought westerns were beginning to die out a little The Coen brothers bring out this beauty. I saw it in an advert in the cinema and immediately turned to my best friend and whispered ‘we need to see that.’ That’s always a good sign for any film in my eyes. It is heartbreaking, tear jerking (if you like horses) and kind of creepy, thanks to the perverse character of Matt Damon.  However, on the whole, a true western. And I’m glad to see one back in the cinemas taking the country by storm.

Number 44:
Meshes of the Afternoon
Directed by: Maya Derren

Before you read anymore, go onto and type this film in…watch it…no…watch it! Don’t try to pretend you have!

Have you watched it? Good. Now we can continue… the first question on your mind is probably: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? And if it is any consolation at all, I am still pondering over that film. I can’t quite explain how this happens but every time I watch that film it gets weirder and weirder. However, we mustn’t forget to thank Maya Derren for bringing the Avant Guarde film to the surface and making it well known. It is a genre that shouldn’t be discarded. Film is art and art is film.

Number 43:
Sherlock Jr.
Directed by: Buster Keaton
As you’ve noticed I am a huge fan of comedy and I don’t think we should ever forget the kings of comedy. If you haven’t experienced a piece from Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin do it now. Sherlock Jr. is also on so you have absolutely no reason to not give it a chance!! And this is one of his finer films. In fact, it was in this film he did his own stunts and horrifically managed to break his own neck during one – he didn’t even realize! What a legend!

On a more intellectual note this is a film that is iconic in the world of cinema, it addresses that age-old question of ‘what is spectatorship and what is cinema?’

Number 42:

The Help
Directed by: Tate Taylor
Emma Stone plays a journalist trying to make it in Mississippi in the 60s. However, there is a slight twist when the story turns and becomes a story, not about the journalist, but about the black house maids that feature in the background. Soon their stories come to life and you are taken on an emotional roller coaster through a horribly chauvinistic and racist society. P.s. get your hankies at the ready ladies!!

Number 41:
Stand By Me
Directed by: Rob Reiner
This is the ultimate coming of age film. Nuff Said.

stay tuned for 31-40 of my top awesome films, coming soon! 🙂

Peace out, Meg


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