Bullying Makes Me Sick.

Been there, done that, messed around

In life you get several types of people but if you’re like me then… I’m sorry. I genuinely am so very sorry. Now, you may be wondering how can I be like you? Well here is a checklist if you find yourself agreeing to any of the following then… you are definitely on the same page as me.
1. You’re marmite – loved or hated. And when I say hate, I’m not using that lightly.
2. No matter what you do, people can’t stop talking about you. Not always in a good way.
3. You’re sensitive. The minute something goes wrong for you, you struggle in getting over it.
4. “just ignore them” is the phrase most used in conversation to you, but you absolutely hate it because you and I both know it doesn’t work.
5. You are always in the polar extreme of any situation. Either splendiferously happy or melodramatically depressed.
6. You’re observant and quiet. A solitary creature that doesn’t even want to be where you are or doing what you have to do. You can spend hours just listening to your own thoughts.
7. Your mind is constantly, completely and utterly plagued. If you’re not panicking about one thing, you’re panicking about another. Just as one thing finally lets you go, another will take its place and you will continue to spend countless hours into the night not sleeping.
8. Jealousy is your weak point.
9. You’re calmer than your exterior gives off and you’re actually a very strong, independent individual.
10. You want people to pay for how they’ve acted, but you’re not going to be the one to finish it. As much as you’d like to have the fiery personality of someone like Hugh Grant and try to run over some of the paps that won’t leave you alone, you just don’t have it in you. You’re too much of a push over. Trouble ain’t your thing.
11. Why are you in trouble anyway? Well let me take a few guesses…
a. You’ve been having too much fun and somebody just had to put a stop to that.
b. You just don’t care what people think of you, so did something potentially embarrassing, people don’t understand a joke and now look at where we are.
c. The opposite gender sees you as a weaker character so they pick you off. Like vultures picking off the weakest in the pack – that is you. Perhaps all you did was reacting badly to a gross joke, or you got annoyed at something that’s been said about you.

Solution time:
If you are any of those things above, then you are like me. But, the time is nigh to accept ourselves. Yes, we clearly do suffer from paranoia, jealousy, low self-esteem and much more. But, not because of who we are, because of what some nasty immature people have made us.
Why are we the chosen few? Well there are several possible conclusions I’ve been able to draw from it. Ironically, the reasons are the same things they have made you into. Perhaps, they saw you and were jealous. Maybe everybody knew you and everybody liked you, therefore it was time to change that. Probably, they felt they had to edit you because they were paranoid about their own low self-esteem. It is true what they say about bullies and it will be the hardest part of your life if you are ever victimised. I know that. Ignoring them doesn’t work. Of course it doesn’t. They just try harder to get to you. Fighting back is giving them what they want. So what more can you do!?
Very little.
Except, flatter yourself. Take their extreme interest in you to mean they are just that infatuated by every little thing you do that they have to talk about it. Even if they are taking the Michael out of you for it, they’re still wasting their precious action-packed lives to discuss you and everything you do.
Another thing you can do is tell people. Talk about it. Boyfriend, Best friend, Girlfriend, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother – the lot. They will help. Yes, they will probably tell you all the things you don’t want to hear like “just ignore them, they’ll get bored.” And even if their advice sucks, you can still talk it through and you will feel better for it.
I’ve been nothing, if not impressed with the attitudes of some people that consider themselves adults in this day and life. Even in a city as beautiful as Cambridge I am coming across bigger jerks than jerk chicken, but what can you do?

Let them waste their lives. What goes around comes around.
Just be strong.

“Don’t cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won’t let you see the stars.”


2 thoughts on “Bullying Makes Me Sick.

  1. Anthony Wren says:

    i seen the movie bully it was a great,epic and sad movie because that one boy being bullied it just makes me mad they hit him, strangled him, and hurt him ill go insane if they keep bullying him. 3 million kids are being bullied each year and it comes to one suggestion “Suicide” that boy in the bully movie i would definitly be friends with him since he has trouble making friends. but bullying makes me sad and angry. Because when i was kid i used to be bullied i always cry and get mad. So i will help stop bullying

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