Ever Wondered What Your Hand Writing Means?

My brother is an intelligent man. He is someone I have always looked up to and really admired. Recently, he has been reading into a lot of psychological things. After doing personality tests on me (in which I learnt my ideal lover was tall, dark, handsome, elegant and sexual) he asked to look into my hand writing. I gave him a notepad which I wrote a poem in yesterday.

The information he gave me he took from the following book:

“Sex Lies and Handwriting” by Michelle Dresbold and James Kwalwasser

and here is a sneak peak into some of the things he told me about myself from my own handwriting.

Initially, he spoke about my ‘I’s.

The first thing he noticed from my writing was that each time I wrote ‘I’ it seemed to change. Meaning, I do not know who I am, what I want to be or where I am in the world. I suppose, just highlighting my insecurity. But then, much like my brother suggested, what more could you expect from a hormonal, teenage female.  When I go to the point of the poem in which I started to focus on the more “sensitive” part (the part with the meaning behind it) my ‘I’s turned to hard, angled and 3 separate lines, due to my anger towards the subject.

Apparently, you can also distinguish your relationships you’ve had with your Mother & Father from the way you write your ‘I’ – In the book you also get to see how serial killers write theirs! All rather interesting stuff, definitely worth a read.

My ‘I’ was certainly representative of my relationship. There are two curves present, the top curve represents your relationship with your mother; which in my case was a perfectly normal curve (much like the fine relationship I have with my mother I suspect). The bottom curve represents my father’s relationship; which unusually, went in the opposite direction to how it should. The book suggested that this meant perhaps our relationship had changed. Which after a family disagreement I went from seeing my dad in a perfect light to seeing him in a flawed and less heroic way.

The fact my father’s curve was bigger than my mother’s technically suggests that my father is the more dominant figure. But, we also thought that this could insinuate that all my thought is going into what I want my father to do / be and what he isn’t. He isn’t the perfect father I want, he had a Willy Loman style tragic flaw that has lead to his downfall in the eyes of his six children, and we all see it.  I see him very much the same way I see Willy Loman in fact. Except, I suppose I can only hope he does not commit suicide and that my  life doesn’t turn in to ‘Death of a Salesman,’ mainly because it is a tragic story but it also bored me to death.

The next thing we looked at was my signature.

The size of your signature represents how bold you are as a person. The amounts of curves & angles, cross bars & strands  all say something about your attitude to working and so much more. The fact whether it is easy to decipher or not also conveys how  easy you are to read. The cross bars through A’s and H’s even portray your attitude towards death. This is all such interesting stuff that is really fun to find out about yourself.

A little gem of knowledge my brother also read in the book was about people who doodle, tend to draw eyes. I remember in school I often used to do this and apparently this is all down to the fact you are been watched & scrutinised by the higher authorities (teachers). People in the workplace also often doodle an eye.

I’m watching You 😉



Oh! Before I forget, with Valentines Day coming up, here’s something you might want to bear in mind.

If you’re romantic valentines wrote your name really small, and his / hers own nice and big like… well he thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread and you. . . you ain’t so big.

might be best to get out of there whilst you still can. 😉

Happy Valentines Day !


signed by:

boo yeah!


One thought on “Ever Wondered What Your Hand Writing Means?

  1. Leighton says:

    Like this blog! Although the eye doodles aren’t from the same book just something I picked up on my travels. Good blog though.

    Your continually interesting brother.

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