The Art of making Garlic Bread

hello everybody,

Today I experimented in something known as “Found Poetry.” For those that don’t know, “Found Poetry” is quite simply a poem that you found. It might be something you read on the back of public toilet, something you find in an instruction manual or even something you overhear in the airport over the speaker.

If it has a poetic ring to it and you can make it into a poem then you’ve just found your first poem.


This is a poem I found on the 3rd of December in a Student Recipe Cook Book – It may as well have been called cooking for idiots…



Carefully toast the bread, always on both sides,
get it to a golden brown, although that is down to preference.
Put it under a medium grill for the best result
If your grill is not medium – too short or tall, ask an adult.


Take 2-3 garlic cloves in your hands (not your feet),
have them peeled and halved and halved again.
Your warm bread should now be ready, toasted on both sides,
Take the garlic and rub the bread with even, skilful glides.


Put the bread on a plate, preferably a circular one,
and drizzle 8 tablespoons of olive oil over each slice.
Yes, it seems excessive but I’m a cook book and I have no fault,
For an extra kick sprinkle over a few pinches of salt.


Garlic bread is the perfect accompaniment for Italian things,
such as spaghetti Bolognese and lasagne (see page twenty)
Garlic bread is tough to master, it’s prep time is five.
This recipe serves two, depending on your loaf size.


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