Good Morning,

Good Morning,

"Morning Adventures"

Morning dew down the window pane,
Dragging my anchor out in vain.
Misty grog, red dawn, shepherd’s wise.
From stem to stern, as the crow flies.

Back to the circuit, like a goldfish,
Your repeating moves round the glass dish.
Come hell or high water, up to the top.
Ticking clock, will you ever stop?

This worlds gone adrift, I’m willing to leave;
A place that totally shipwrecked my dream.
Nights confusion swims in my head,
Coming to me, to drown me in bed.

Three sheets to the wind, full speed ahead,
I am a vessel in the water that’s dead.
All hands on deck, fly and flee.
Yo-ho Yo-ho – a pirate’s life for me.


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