Prince Charming’s Story

I was galloping through the woods one day,
On my noble steed,
When I saw a pretty girl laying down,
and I had to pay her heed.

To my horror the darling thing,
was in some sort of coma!
So being gorgeous and beautiful:
I thought I’d do the girl a favor.

The next I knew she jumped straight up,
No time to compose ourselves!
I tried to back away, but to my alarm,
she hired a harem of elves.

They took me hostage in their nasty shack,
I knew it must be the end,
but, I had to escape her clutches and
had 7 imps to apprehend.

Unfortunately for me,
the news spread throughout the land,
and father said to be a man
and offer to take her hand.

Now I live in a stupid cottage,
far from any castle,
so my dear Snow White can potter freely,
with her 7 stupid rascals.


One thought on “Prince Charming’s Story

  1. this is funny! its nice to know what prince charming’s thinking when he got himself in trouble with snow white. lol.

    can you check out my site and give feedback. thanks a lot!

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