1940s – Margret’s letter to Eleanor.

My dearest Eleanor, I know it may seem tough now, and hard to comprehend,
They say it doesn’t get easier, Life is a mystery until the end.

But you know you have a friend in me , and I a friend in you,
You’re not just anyone to me, You’re a Sister through and through.

My dearest Eleanor, Life has its ups and downs, It’s a rollercoaster they say,
But I’ll stick by you every night, and not leave your side by day.

We’ll go out on the London streets, the cars hoot loud and clear,
We’ll give them the finger and run, in pure horror and in fear.

My dearest Eleanor, our husbands are both at war, they write us stories of bravery,
but both you and I know they’re probably with a whore.

Sometimes I wonder, ‘Why not I?’ Early Sunday Morn, but then I meet you after church,
And we giggle on your front lawn.

My dearest Eleanor, My story I cannot end, For we have not yet finished.
But one thing I know and that’s for sure:

Wherever I am and why ever I’ve cried, I hope to God that you’ll still be by my side.


2 thoughts on “1940s – Margret’s letter to Eleanor.

  1. i adore the sentiment in this. you have a wonderful ability to tell a story! love that!!! I would love for you to check out my site for creative minds, called Social Muze. You can access it thru my blog by clicking on the Creative Playground tab. It’s for everyone from poets to photographers & illustrators etc…I think you would make a great addition! 🙂 Please, at least take a peak? 🙂

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