It, Dont’ Worry Anymore.

It, Don’t Worry Anymore.


It’s easy once you know how it’s done,
it skips a beat.

It’s not something to be lost or won,
it makes plans.

It’s not at night, or during the day,
it looks wrong.

It’s not ladylike, or got a sleazy way,
it has nothing.

It’s not going to stop, to let you on,
it saves your seat.

It’s trying to believe in something true,
it waits, it waits.

It’s wondering through crowded streets,
it needs love.

It’s got you running up and down,
it tastes sweet.

When you’re laughing and your dreams are gone,
it comes out in you.
You will never understand the miracle micron,
it hides deep in you.
Going places, going on, going on, going on,
it keeps parts of you.

It keeps, hides, saves, needs, has nothing.
It wants, steals, craves, needs, has loving.


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