I forgot to mention one more thing…

I have 20 minutes to write something, before I continue to tidy up the world’s most cluttered bedroom.

I want things that are larger than life. I want to be remembered, I want my dreams to come true and most importantly I don’t want to forget anything!

Every moment that happens is magical. Whether you want to believe it or not. Moments are something you can’t get back, nor can you predict.
In the laws of Physics a Moment  is the tendency of a force to twist or rotate an object.

You see… I think that these ‘moments’… these tiny little pieces of our lives  all add together and twist and turn our life into a tiny, insignificant, yet beautiful story that no-one else will ever experience quite the same again.
Everything about a moment is different. The way you feel will be different to the way anyone else feels.

you are you and theres nothing you can do about it

Someone once told me I was too… ambitious. That my dreams would never come true… to settle and become a journalist, or something boring. But I stand my ground! I want to be a writer. A writer so famous that in hundreds of years to come teenagers “like” my quotes on Facebook.

Who Knows?

Stress gets us down. Gets us down and unbelieving. Gets us feeling like nobody loves us.
Well I love you.


I’ve been stressed, so stressed I think I’ve achieved things others cannot possibly dream of doing.

I… spontaneously … Combusted.


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