A poem for a lover.

Written for James Green, by Megan Herdson – September 13th 2010

You asked me a question and I don’t remember what,
I remember your smiling face, you were laughing a lot.

I saw you every now and then you always made me smile,
I remember wanting to know you and talk for just a while.

You seemed so tall, right next to me, smiling down happily,
I remember wondering where you’d go with me, lovingly and cheekily.

You looked at me with eyes so blue, and your kiss was truly warm,
I remember wanting to kiss you again and more and more.

You made me giggle like a silly school girl so sweet and stupid,
I remember you whispering in my ear, something smart and sacred.

I missed you when you went away, I missed you more, every day,
I remember my heart bleeding as you drove so far away.

You came back to me, like you promised. Loving like always,
I remember wanting to be with you for the rest of all our days.

James Green I will always love you, as a friend and as my sweetheart,
and Remember I’ll always be with you, even when we’ve been torn apart.


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