How to write a poem?

I’m doing nothing, but quite simply writing a poem,
It only takes some easy words, that start my ideas flowing.

I haven’t got a magic pen or a special place to write,
the world within my head is locked away and out of sight.

That is until my words escape me and come pouring out on paper,
little stories, little memories stored far away for later.

Perhaps I’ll write one for a friend, a brother or a lover,
but maybe this one is all for me and not for any other.

It’s hard to say I love you when you’re trying to be strong,
But in writing I can say it, in my magical, little song.

It doesn’t take me long to write – an hours’ worth of thinking
But the words might last an eternity, once they all sink in.

Just a pretty handful of words to make my poem come alive,
I love you. I love you forever. Don’t let my words die.


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