The Herdson & Breeze help book


Welcome to the Herdson & Breeze help book.  It was originally written for an article in the Guardian back in July of 1999.  A brief time was spent throwing ideas around with the small yet powerful editor-in-chief Gaylor D.Tisdale for said article.  Unfortunately Ellie’s temper and sad, long lasting drink problem (which lead to the end of her first marriage) clashed with Tisdale’s impatience, ensuring that the HB/Guardian partnership was short lived.

The concept of the Guardian providing an agony aunt section was never favorable and at one point the Financial Times were drafted in for discussions, however terms and conditions could not be met by either party.  Looking back The Financial Times really was the wrong direction, in hindsight we should have cashed in and sold our souls like the rest of the celebrities and gone to The Sun.  We laughed at the time when our contemporaries suggested such things, just look at Jordan now.  I think I speak on both our behalves when I say well done and congratulations to Jordan.  I guess she got the last laugh.  I digress.

Also, feel free to  send in serious help questions to us 🙂 We’re good with advice. promise.


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