Isle of Wight!

As you may well have noticed, the blogging stopped for a few days. This is because I took a trip to the Isle of Wight.

If you didn’t know where this is, it’s a tiny little Island off the south coast of England. And it is beaute.

It’s not very often my family do things like this but it was incredibly surreal being up at 5am, on the motorway with no other cars in sight. While all 5 of us danced like loones to A-ha: Take On Me.

Arriving at Isle of Wight was also strange, we were there by 8.30 and the island seemed to be derelict. We went to the beach and it was empty. I don’t think I’ve ever been on the beach so early. The beach at Ryde was like a fake beach – the sand was perfect and flat, the shells were all bright colours and the sea was calm! There is a lot to do on the Isle of Wight and the beaches are a fantastic part of it.
We’d heard a lot about the zoo’s there, which in my mind, were a bit disappointing. The last day we decided to do something else and being members of English Heritage we took two visits to the Islands very famous Houses.

Appuldurcombe House and Osborne House. Appuldurcombe is the saddest, shell of a house I’ve ever seen. I can really see why people may think it’s the most Haunted House on the British Isles.

Before I went I’d heard things about hearing the carriage horses, a baby crying and the ghost of a mad monk – none of which I had the pleasure of experiencing.

However, if you’ve watched the show, you’ll know Appuldurcombe has been on Most Haunted before. You may also know about the experiences they had down in the cellars. Well, we went down there for a bit of Ghost Hunting ourselves. I suppose this is the only place when things got good *cue the spooky music*
First of all, myself and my youngest sister stood in the entrance, after walking down the stairs, saw a shadow at the end of the tunnel moving from side to side – assumed it was a person, screamed and ran back up laughing. We waited for our, much braver and cynical, Mum who took us down there. (The whole time we’d been in the entrance and not seen anyone leave). So when we went down there we expected to see someone else – there was no-one in there! We were alone… supposedly.  I’d made a video of most of it, but the camera didn’t pick up the shadows. It also wasn’t until later when I re-examined my video that there was a strange grey shape in the corner of my recording at one point. (I’m going to upload the video later).

Now, Osborne house is where Queen Victoria lived and…died. I don’t tend to believe in ghosts *as such* but I do think that Osborne House is really worth a visit. Not just because the house and the gardens are magnifique but also because the energy in that house is still going on now. It’s almost like being transported back in time – with the horse and carriage still taking you on a quick ride up & down the drive, if you close your eyes you can almost be in the Victorian times.

Other than the beautiful and haunted houses of Isle of Wight, the farms and “zoo” (not that I would call 3 tigers, a jaguar and a couple of lemurs a real zoo) we made our way to the Jay Miller’s Circus. My first circus experience and it wasn’t as terrifying as I’d imagined.

Despite it being an isolated little island it’s the sort of place I never want to leave. Now being back on ‘the mainland’ all I want to do is be sitting by the sea doing anything but doing Alevel homework for English.

Oh well.
Peace, Meg Ash


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