Hello world!

How do you start a blog?

I’ve kind of found there are two types of blog. The sorts of blogs that are completely pointless and are actually sort of creepy and then you get the blogs that people actually read…

I suppose time will tell which type of blog mine is.

Here’s a little taster for things to come:

  • I’m interested in becoming a writer so I’m planning to publish a few poems, stories, and some other little surprises
  • I make a lot of films so I’m bound to be posting those up. I also watch a lot of films and someone mentioned it might be worth doing a few reviews.
  • I’m 17. And I’ve been through it all. There are so many things people tell me others want to hear about and I know that its reassuring to know you’re not the only one.
  • You’ll find I manage to get myself into some funny situations – theres nothing wrong with a few anecdotes.

What made me first want to start writing a blog was my work experience. There was a woman there who had done everything I wanted to do with my life and she told me a blog was a helpful way to start. My work experience itself is another story for another time. I’d always wondered what it was like working at a radio station. More coming soon…

Peace, Meg Ash


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